From Designer to Executive: A Conversation With Kenneth P. Baker of Gensler

Joining us today is the Co-Managing Principal of Gensler’s Southeast Region, Kenneth P. Baker.

In addition to co-managing the southeast region and being on the Gensler Management Committee, Ken Baker is considered a global expert on workplace design and planning, having designed more than 10 million square fee of corporate headquarters and offices for law firms and financial institutions around the world.

If Gensler’s Southeast Region where ranked separately from Genlser, it would be one of the 10 largest firms in the US, to give you a sense of the size and responsibility of this position.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the challenges and opportunities of moving from a design role into a management role.

You’ll also discover what you can do to grow within an organization and externally with your clients.

And Ken’s secret sauce for building successful, long term relationships and delivering great value to clients.

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