Freelancing – How to Manage Client Expectations

How do you deal with challenging clients? How do you communicate with them? How do you tell your clients enough is enough? How do you get out of those uncomfortable conversations with clients?

Welcome to Futur Freelance Fridays with Matthew Encina, where we answer your questions about freelancing.

In this episode, Matthew Encina shares how to communicate with your client or boss during your freelance gig.

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1:09 Agenda
1:58 Client Communication Formula
3:23 Delivery & Tone
5:33 Client Definition
6:15 Setting Up The Job
9:52 Sharing Your Work in Progress
16:50 Receiving Feedback
20:15 Role Play: Asking for Out of Scope Work
26:34 Role Play: Change of Direction at Last Feedback Review
32:57 Managing Clients who act like Art Directors
36:36 What to Do If You Really Screw Up
39:48 Wrap Up

Matthew Encina’s simple formula for all client communication:
– Be clear – Give context.
– Agree on Expectations.
– Be Transparent.
– Always deliver.

Delivery & Tone – It’s not just what you say, but how you say it:
– Keep your emotion out of it. Focus on how you’ll get there vs. the work it means for you.
– Always use a “helpful” mindset.
– Use “us / we” vs “you” (you’re not blaming, your collaborating)
– Say it with a Smile.

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