Freelance vs. Agency

Chris and Jose discuss the differences between freelancing and becoming an agency and how they made the transition. From how to transition from being a freelancer to being “an agency” to what to focus on to get a job as freelancer.

“What do I, as a freelancer, need to do to get more work?” -get involved with the community -volunteer -be an expert and blog about it -have a specialize portfolio -get references from past clients.

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00:35 Freelancing vs Agency – In Motion Graphics
01:04 Freelancing vs Agency – in Web Design
01:26 DIrect to Client Web Design
01:50 The liability of a Web Designer
02:37 How did you become an agency – Chris
03:35 How did you get started – Jose
04:33 Liability; Reputation vs Legal
05:05 Am I an Agency or Freelancer?
05:39 In Motion clients don’t sue you because
06:50 I don’t have time to promote myself!
07:29 How to sell yourself as a freelancer
10:20 Consulting as a business model
11:04 If you can’t get work it’s because
11:38 When to bring in generalist
11:53 Why to clearly position yourself
12:28 Are you a jerk?
14:00 Variable positioning vs specialization vs strategic
15:01 Cross discipline understanding vs not
15:33 An argument for high specialization
17:35 T-shape creatives
18:50 Career stage determines positioning
19:58 Millennials are asking for too much
20:30 Women are struggling to balance passion and profession
21:44 Take a job first and learn the skills
22:52 Quick tips for digital freelancers (Hint: Mobile)
23:30 Quick tips for digital agencies (Hint: Positioning)
24:07 Positioning affects price
24:50 The problem with designers as agency principals
25:13 How to increase sales for a motion agency
26:10 Change your context
27:35 Final Thoughts: A radical shift
28:13 Bottom Line – Jose
28:50 Bottom Line – Chris
30:15 Building a Team
30:15 Next Week’s Topic


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