Food Lettering Animations with Belinda Kou – 1 of 2

Learn the ins and outs of digital lettering and animation LIVE with Belinda Kou! Follow along with her as she creates two custom food-themed quotes then shows you how to animate them in Adobe Fresco.

Guest Belinda Kou is a lettering artist and illustrator based in Chicago, IL:

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia.

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
09:21 Pizza topping list for thumbnail
12:22 Thumbnail for “In Pizza we Crust”
19:30 Soup braindump – list of soup options
24:00 Thumbnail for “Good Soup”
36:53 Straw Poll vote for Pizza or Soup
40:16 Working with the Pizza quote composition – using guides
43:36 Sketching the lettering and
47:35 Belinda Discuss her favorite pizza type
48:34 Vector brushes – how to download extra brushes
51:18 Creating a strategy for centering/placement of lettering
54:44 Belinda’s lettering journey – shifting to food related projects
58:37 Stepping back and looking at refining the sketch
1:00:56 Filling in the lettering to check on compositional balance
1:01:20 Tips to improve your hand lettering
1:06:45 Belinda’s Hungrily Ever After – finding personal projects
1:12:55 Checking the sketch for any adjustments
1:14:01 Tips for creating fonts – practice tracing over fonts
1:16:15 Refining the lettering – color blocking
1:23:15 Outlining the letters – keeping the letters “crusty”
1:28:07 Staying active and changing with social media trends
1:31:12 Tips for making video content
1:35:38 Adding details around the type
1:43:47 Working with pixel brushes for texture use
1:45:20 Checking contrast in Fresco
1:48:45 Recap of the process so far
1:50:02 Using the Pencil brush and Kyle’s Amazing Cartoon Nib
1:52:10 A look ahead to part 2 with Belinda Kou


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