Flavio Manzoni – Ferrari Design: L’emozione e la regola

Lecture date: 2014-01-24

DRL MArch Phase II Keynote Lecture

Flavio Manzoni is an architect and designer, born in Sardinia in 1965. Since January 2010 Flavio has been the Director of Ferrari Design, setting up a comprehensive Styling Centre for the company with a high-level team of specialists. He has worked on the SA Aperta, the F12 berlinetta, the 458 Speciale and his latest ‘Cavallino’ creation the Hypercar LaFerrari. Of the various projects credited to him before joining Ferrari, the most notable is his work on the Lancia Dialogos and the Maserati 3200 GT concepts. He has previously worked for numerous leading car manufacturers that include SEAT, Lancia, Volkswagen and Fiat.


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