Finding Your Style on YouTube – Madelynn De La Rosa Interview

What do you stand for? Can you build your brand around what you believe in? Do you say no to money when it goes against your ethics? How do you get over imposter syndrome?

Madelynn De La Rosa joins us on the Futur Live Stream. She’s a filmmaker & video editor, based out of Los Angeles who is passionate about veganism, French cinema, and sustainable fashion.

2:54 – Opportunity through Ipsy
7:44 – Filming Start
9:04 – Developing an Identity through Creative Activism
13:50 – French Film Inspiration
14:43 – Madelynn’s Channel Brand
21:12 – Dealing with Fame
24:21– Fear or Excuses? Madelynn speaks on how female creators can get up and just DO IT.
39:55 – Do you stand by your ethics, or do you just say so? Madelynn mentions turning down deals because they conflicted with her personal beliefs.
41:30 – Can you still make content if you’re not attractive? Why do you think that matters? The team discusses that the content should be focused on your journey, being vulnerable, and sharing your endeavors, not your physical appearance.
52:40 – Imposter syndrome & Sexism: It’ still prevalent today, and Madelynn recollects a moment when her expertise was called into question solely because she’s a woman.
1:10:03 – Wrap Up

Check out Madelynn’s youtube channel here:

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