Fantasy Photo Compositing with Renee Robyn – 2 of 2

Join photographer Renee Robyn as she takes you through her process of compositing fantasy pieces on Adobe Live. Watch as Renee uses Photoshop to touch up skin, add textures, particle effects, and lighting effects to your photos to create a fantasy world around your character. You’ll even learn how to replace and create backgrounds for different types of photos. Stay tuned for day 2 where Renee will create a cyberpunk piece!

Guest Renee Robyn is a Photographer and Photoshop alchemist based in Canada:

Host Anna McNaught is a photographer, photoshop artist, and traveler:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:36 Introduction
04:25 Recap from last stream
05:50 What camera do you use?
08:48 Today’s theme
12:02 Content aware crop and fill
13:28 Painting in face paint
17:15 Blend If
19:30 Painting in an earring
22:05 Cutting and compositing robot parts
20:20 Boris FX
36:15 Masking out and compositing the cat
53:08 Changing colors with linear light
1:06:00 Creating a glow effect
1:10:15 Adding in the background
1:17:30 Adding rim light
1:31:17 Artist Spotlight
1:43:05 Adding flare effects
1:46:15 Color grading in Camera Raw


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