Extruding Shapes Along Paths With the SketchUp Follow Me Tool | SketchUp Essentials #6

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This tutorial will walk you through the basics of using the follow me tool in SketchUp to extrude objects along a straight path. This can be useful for helping you quickly model objects like wood base, pipes, cabinets, and lots of other objects.

Table of contents –

Turning on the large toolset in SketchUp – 1:00

Extruding an object along a path by clicking and dragging – 2:25

Extruding an object along an entire path with a single click – 3:22

Extruding an object along a path that isn’t actually touching the path – 4:04

Creating a wood base profile around a shape with the follow me tool – 4:49

Using the follow me tool to subtract material – 7:10

Using the follow me tool to model cabinet doors in SketchUp – 8:41

Links to other SketchUp tutorials – 11:47


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