Eske Kath Interview: The Fundamental Uncertainty

“The basic principle for how we see the world is bent out of shape.” In this short video, the commended Danish artist Eske Kath talks about how his work reflects our growing sense of powerlessness and uncertainty in relation to climate change.

Kath argues that we no longer feel sure about the basic things we used to take for given, such as nature and our place in it. In this way, the issue of climate change embodies our loss of control, which Kath seeks to capture in his work. For his exhibition ‘The Fundamental Uncertainty’, he has drawn on the idea of landscape painting, and what that means now that we are aware that “our actions may influence nature’s influence on us.” Kath feels that it seems as if we’re waiting for some kind of conclusion to burst the bubble of uncertainty that we seem to be locked inside.

Eske Kath (b.1975) is a Danish visual artist who works with painting, sculpture and installation. Kath is particularly known for his landscape paintings in bright colours, where everything we think we know is turned upside down. In 2009, he was commissioned to paint a chamber ceiling in the Crown Prince of Denmark’s Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. Kath has exhibited widely in Denmark and in the U.S. – where he resided in New York City for several years – and his work is represented in the collections of museums such as ARoS Museum of Contemporary Art in Aarhus, ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art in Ishøj, and Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna.

Eske Kath was interviewed by Katrine Stenum Mortensen at Gallerie Mikael Andersen, Denmark in November 2018 in connection with his 2019-exhibition ‘The Fundamental Uncertainty’ at Trapholt in Denmark.

Camera: Rasmus Quistgaard
Produced and edited by: Kasper Bech Dyg
Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2019

Supported by Nordea-fonden



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