Episode 003: Death Environments: Karla Rothstein

Cultural perspectives of death have changed over time. This week, Michelle Clara (’21 AAD) and Joel McCullough (’21 AAD) investigate how built environments have intersected with last rites ritual and the cultural associations. Philosophical notions of death and global views are explored across Benares, Copenhagen, and Pittsburgh. Michelle Clara interviews Karla Rothstein to understand new ways of understanding and experiencing cemeteries.

Karla Rothstein is an architect and an educator. Teaching graduate design studios at Columbia GSAPP for over eighteen years, Rothstein is Founder and Director of DeathLAB, a trans-disciplinary research and design initiative focused on reconceiving how we live with death in the city. Her areas of inquiry span the intimate spaces of urban life, death and memory, to intersections of social justice and infrastructure.

This episode of rAADio was brought you by:
Max Lauter: Director and Creative Producer, Sound Design, Editing
Alex Hamadey: Sound Designer & Composer, Lead Audio Engineer
Timothy Jacob Kwasny: Recording Audio Engineer

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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