Environmental 3D Section in Architecture / Photoshop Tutorial

This video is the environmental 3D Section in Architecture / Photoshop Tutorial looking at green architecture concept ideas in sustainable architecture.

00:00 Welcome to the video
00:07 3D Section Photoshop Tutorial
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Supplies I use:
A4 Marker Pad : https://goo.gl/W8QbuP
A4 Sketchbook : https://goo.gl/8n4aMM
A4 Sketchbook : https://goo.gl/U7NYqd
A4 Sketchbook Bundle : https://goo.gl/CPonXa
Architectural Templates: https://goo.gl/aGwUEt
Scale ruler: https://goo.gl/YmC1CV
Stabilo Fine point: https://goo.gl/63mz9G
Drawing pens: https://goo.gl/JE4zR1
Derwent Graphik: https://goo.gl/rrtBjG
Magicdo Sketch: https://goo.gl/a47hHR
Derwent Sketching Pencils: https://goo.gl/ZNLyXQ
Pentel Sign Pen: https://goo.gl/fPE3tV
Craft Knife: https://goo.gl/6u9A7s
Touch Markers: https://goo.gl/AQZ3S2
Sharpie: https://goo.gl/Z6adL9
Pilot V7 Hi-techpoint: https://goo.gl/i7BEN9
Winsor and Newton Water colour: https://goo.gl/879SoE
Water Colour brush: https://goo.gl/EK2bBx
Faber Castle 24 Pastel Pencil Colours: https://goo.gl/wCzTef
Derwent Pencil wrap: https://goo.gl/6P2F2y
Windsor Newton Markers: https://goo.gl/XAMN8U
Grey Copic Markers: https://goo.gl/HoQPtV
A4 tracing paper: https://goo.gl/AEjMPR
Roll of tracing: https://goo.gl/hdrhiu
Masking Tape: https://goo.gl/zx8J8o

Music by www.bensound.com
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