ELISA ITURBE: Outside Development: Projects For An Urban Ground// 02.08.21

Elisa Iturbe is co-founder of Outside Development, a design and research practice that considers race, class, labor, climate, and capitalism alongside form, proportion, and the production of urban fabric. The work is currently focused on the spatial impact and architectural possibilities that arise from community land ownership, specifically as they relate to de-industrialization, self-sustaining community systems, and climate mitigation.

Elisa teaches at the Yale School of Architecture and The Cooper Union. Her courses titled The City & Carbon Modernity and The City as Carbon Form explore the spatial expression of our dominant energy paradigm in both urban and architectural form. Recently, she guest-edited Log 47, titled Overcoming Carbon Form, and co-wrote a book with Peter Eisenman titled Lateness. She has also published in Perspecta 53, Log 39, New York Review of Architecture, DeArq and has several forthcoming publications on the topic of carbon modernity. Elisa received a dual-masters from the Yale School of the Environment and the Yale School of Architecture.