Editing TikTok Videos in Premiere Pro with Camila Santander – 1 of 2

Learn how to create engaging videos that resonate with your audience on TikTok with Camila Santander and Premiere Pro! In this two-part series, Camila will share her tips, tricks, and shortcuts to edit a unique vlog style video each day.

Guest Camila Santander is a video editor based in NY: https://www.behance.net/camilasantander1

Host James Bonanno is a creative director and content creator: https://www.jamesbonanno.com/

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive
00:00 Start
01:40 Introduction of Camila
06:30 Work beings in Premiere pro
11:00 Using the Warp Stabilizer effect
17:00 Project organization tips
21:20 How does Camila access footage from her phone
23:10 Jumping into a precut project: An outfit change transition
27:00 Creating an image transition sequence
29:00 Great shortcut keys to remember
31:00 Fading out music at the end of a clip
45:00 Tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera
50:00 adjusting clips into a different orientation/ratio
55:00 Set To Frame VS Scale To Frame
59:50 What happens to unused footage
01:01:10 Shooting too much footage
01:02:50 Speeding up a clip
01:13:00 Why did Camila choose to work in New York?
01:17:20 Best practices for shooting clip length and editing duration
01:21:00 Does James use After Effects?
01:23:20 What does Camila want to create in after effects
01:37:50 Creative ways of adding locations to your video
01:41:50 Adding sound effects to the project
01:46:20 Finding audio on Epidemic Sound
01:49:20 How did living in a tiny home/van influence James’ work?
01:52:00 Exploring the Ducking panel


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