Editing Loopable Content with James Bonnano – 1 of 2

Join content creator James Bonanno as he shows how to create social content for Instagram and YouTube using Premiere Pro. On day 1, James will take you through his process of planning and editing “loopable videos”, from getting the shot to recording audio to create a seamless loop. On day 2, James will give more tips and tricks on how to edit a product video for social, using picture in picture techniques, keyframe animations, and use overlays and backgrounds to add to your social content. Bonus, tune in for more techniques on posting and tagging your content for a larger reach.

Guest James Bonanno is a creative director and content creator: https://www.jamesbonanno.com/

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia. https://www.behance.net/fabiolalara

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive

00:00 Start
02:00 Introduction of James
07:00 Reviewing looped video content
10:00 expanding and collapsing elements of the video timeline
13:45 Customizing your Premiere Pro tools
15:00 The importance and value of creating “looping” videos
16:00 James’ favorite short form video platform/format
26:00 What does James’ project kit consist of when he begins a new project
34:00 Exploring different frame rate preferences
41:00 Recent projects that James is really proud of
43:15 Advice for anyone considering the creative traveler lifestyle
58:30 Advice for people starting out in video editing
01:00:40 James’ favorite keyboard shortcuts
01:02:00 Which iPone does James shoot video on?
01:05:00 Tips for being in front of the camera
01:10:40 Keyboard shortcut for autoloading a selected clip to the timeline
01:15:20 Editing a clip to be more impactful
01:17:00 Trimming unnecessary footage from a video
01:19:00 When to share project updates with the client
01:26:00 James’ plan for LUTs tomorrow
01:28:20 What is a safe margin and how is it used?
01:33:00 Making a snap transition
01:39:00 How many states and countries has James traveled to?
01:42:00 Where does James get his music?
01:46:45 Expanding the timeline and customizing audio tracks
01:50:50 Adding sound effects
01:52:30 Plans for Day 2
01:53:10 Recap of Day 1


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