Editing and Assembling a Production in Premiere Pro with Jason Levine – 2 of 2

Follow along with Jason Levine as he assembles a production in Premiere Pro! Learn how Jason utilizes Premiere’s new Production feature to create reusable assets for episodic or on-going content. Stick around as he teaches you how to better organize your assets using Adobe Stock audio and video in combination with CC Libraries.

Jason Levine is a Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Creative Cloud.

00:00 Start
6:00 Work Starts – Organizing Your Production Templates
14:20 Just Play Music Example
22:20 Just Play Music Assembly Analysis
32:30 Just Play Music Clips of Jason Singing
37:10 Editing Multi-Cams of Just Play Music
40:00 Discussing the Importance of Tempo and Mood in Music for Kids
45:09 Synchronizing Multi-Cam Clips
55:40 Jason’s Self-Designed Logo for Just Play Music
59:48 Looking for Logo Content in Adobe Stock
1:10:35 Synchronizing Drums Audio Clips to Multi-Cam
1:30:10 When to Use Dynamic Link
1:39:54 Creating a Final Video Project Folder
1:46:00 Jason’s Grinch Song Cover
1:55:00 Organizing Grinch Cover Folders

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