Ecoalf creates sneakers made from algae and ocean plastic

Spanish fashion brand Ecoalf has unveiled a new footwear collection made entirely from recycled ocean and river waste.

Yarn derived from discarded plastic is used to create the Shao sneaker, which features a black knitted upper sole that fits the wearer like a sock. Five plastic bottles sourced from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea are used to create each pair.

The outer sole is made from a type of algae that grows in excess in lakes and rivers. Ecoalf has harvested the algae to create a flexible foam that permits easy movement, as well as benefiting the environment.

“Algae gives us the most flexible-performing foam,” the brand told Dezeen. “Also, removing it allows clean water to circulate properly, supports plant and animal life, and eliminates the need for non-renewable oils.”

The shoe has a minimal, no-fuss design, meaning it can be mass-produced as efficiently as possible with limited raw materials.

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