Ebano by Rasmus Fenhann | The Mindcraft Project | Dezeen

Danish designer and cabinetmaker Rasmus Fenhann assembled small timber offcuts like a puzzle to produce the monolithic-looking Ebano drawers, featured in our Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2021 collaboration.

One of 10 designs featured in The Mindcraft Project exhibition of experimental design, Ebano came about after a fellow cabinetmaker gave Fenhann the collection of timber pieces, leftover from an ebony tree felled a decade ago.

Keen to highlight the rich pattern of marks left by axes and chainsaws, Fenhann carefully arranged the pieces into the solid-seeming Ebano structure, which stands 111 centimetres tall.

The texture is meant to invite touch — which might be the only way to spot the seven drawers built into the object. Made of refined rosewood with a deep red hue, they contrast the ebony in both texture and colour when opened.

Read more on Dezeen: https://www.dezeen.com/2021/03/23/rasmus-fenhann-axe-marked-ebony-wood-cabinet-mindcraft-project/

See The Mindcraft Project 2021 exhibition at: https://mindcraftproject.com/

Video is by Benjamin Lund: http://benjaminlund.dk/




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