Dwayne Oyler & Jenny Wu: Lineworks (January 16, 2013)

Dwayne Oyler discuss his and Jenny Wu’s longstanding focus on lines and space. Sketchbooks provide a starting point for a discussion of the main issues they have been exploring: lines defining enclosure, figure/ground ambiguities, minimization of non-structural elements, environments not objects, and trying to create environments that encourage visitors to linger. Jenny Wu discusses several projects, including the “Density Fields” (2007) installation for Materials + Applications, “Pendulum Plane” (2008) for the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, the “Live Wire” (2008) installation at the SCI-Arc Gallery, and “reALIze” (2011) temporary monument to Muhammad Ali with Michael Kalish. Wu describes in detail the design and fabrication of “Screenplay” for Dwell on Design 2012. Oyler discusses some recent attempts to increase the scale and depth of their linear designs, including the SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion (2011), and “skin-job” renovation projects. Wu describes a villa on a golf course in Catalonia, and a 16-story luxury residential tower in Taipei.



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