Drawing and Animating Food Illustrations in Adobe Fresco with Carina Lindmeier – 2 of 2

Watch and learn alongside illustrator Carina Lindmeier as she shows you how to create a still life table scene in Adobe Fresco. Starting from a sketch, she’ll take you through her full process – including providing pro tips on composition and organization, how to add shade and texture, and finally how to add motion to your illustrations!

Guest Carina Lindmeier is a freelance illustrator based in Linz, Austria: https://www.behance.net/carinalindmeier

Host Chris Blackstock is an illustrator, concept artist, taste-maker, and donut eater, based in CA: https://theblackstock.com/ | https://www.behance.net/chrisblackstock

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive
00:00 Start
03:53 Carina’s work and plan for day 2
07:34 Blue or Pink
13:13 Adding in colors to help everything blend
18:15 Starting the animation process – adding sparkles
26:24 Social Media making art/artists more accessible
31:05 Previewing the animation – adding more frames
36:09 Continuing to embellish sparkle animation
38:27 Adding size variation to sparkles
44:03 Animating the dissolve
50:43 Previewing with Boomerang animation settings
57:11 Ease of use w/ Fresco
1:03:20 Finishing up the animation on the taco illusration
1:10:15 Working on a new illustration
1:14:45 Animating with onion skinning – removing the sandwich
1:21:57 Animating the ketchup, squiggle lines?
1:27:34 Removing the second sandwiches
1:30:20 Artist Spotlight of Melanie Daveid https://www.behance.net/melaniedaveid
1:39:52 Duplicating frames – using onion skinning
1:46:14 Using animation on a path
1:52:56 Recap of day 1 and 2


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