Doug Aitken’s Mirage in Detroit

This film presents a scenic architectural study of the latest site-specific installation from American artist Doug Aitken—who is known for creating immense, reflective forms which mirror everyday architecture. Set within the hundred year old former State Savings Bank in Downtown Detroit, the installation—which opened on 10 October—is an immersive, mirrored installation that reflects the entire space in which it is situated, activating this seminal, historic building.

Detroit’s history is rooted both in industry and culture, where the impressive stone façade of the Bank and its classical columns speak both to authority and to historic change. The building’s architecture is intact, as if frozen in time and waiting to be re-awakened.

Mirage Detroit is a sculpture in the form of an American suburban house. Having a one-story, sprawling design creates a labyrinth of rooms and corridors. Every surface and detail of the sculpture is mirrored, creating a human-scale kaleidoscope. It is a space that draws in and reflects everything that surrounds it, including the architecture of this archaic bank building.

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