DigitalFUTURES Tutorial: RhinoVAULT2

‌6 November at 10:00am EDT / 3:00pm CET / 10:00pm China

RhinoVAULT 2 (RV2) is an open-source research and development platform for funicular form-finding built with COMPAS, a Python-based framework for computational research and collaboration in Architecture, Engineering, and Digital Fabrication. RV2 is a Rhino plugin that replaces RhinoVAULT for Rhino versions 6 and above. Unlike RhinoVAULT, RV2 no longer relies on Rhino for its computational implementation. Instead, it is built entirely with open source packages from the COMPAS ecosystem and will, therefore, be available not only for Rhino and Grasshopper, but also for Blender and other tools with a Python scripting interface, and ultimately even in the browser.

The Learning Objectives:
Basic knowledge of Thrust Network Analysis (TNA)
Basic features of RhinoVAULT 2
Exploration of form-finding techniques using RhinoVAULT 2

Instructor: Juney Lee (Block Research Group – ETH ,Zurich)

Register in Advance:
Recommended: Registration 24 hours before the event. LIMITED SEATS.


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