DigitalFUTURES Talks: Biodigital Architecture

DigitalFUTURES Talks: Biodigital Architecture
3 June at 10:00 EST / 16:00 CET / 10:00 China

The Triennial Global Symposium on Biodigital Architecture & Genetics (BIODIG 2023) serves as a principal platform for international, interdisciplinary, and interorganizational dialogue on topics connected to biodigital architecture and design. Bringing together attendees from around the world who are deeply involved in creating innovative, natural, and computational strategies to address societal challenges. In this session we will be discussing the most representative outcomes from presenters that are opening the research agenda in this field.

Moderador: Alberto Estevez
Presenters: Dr. Angad Warang | Dr. Lamila Simisic | Dr. Marcelo Fraile | David Torreblanca
Colab: Simposio Global Trienal sobre Arquitectura Biodigital y Genética (BIODIG 2023)
Language: English

#biodigital #digital #sigradi #architecturaldesign #designdrawing #genetica #digitaldesign #naturaleza #computation #virtualdesign #virtualarchitecture #digitalfutures


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