DigitalFUTURES Online Workshops 2024 | Biodesign and Fabrication

Biodesign and Fabrication: Computational design for biologically inspired structures and parametric modeling for digital fabrication.

Instructors: Kenneth Wilson, Dana Molzhigit

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The construction industry significantly contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions
and resource depletion, exacerbating the need for innovative solutions. Biodesign offers
potential solutions by harnessing living systems and materials to create more sustainable
and resilient buildings.
The goal of the workshop is to introduce complex parametric modeling tools to design
and fabricate structures inspired and informed by biological systems. It is structured in
three sessions:
● Session 1: Introduction of biodesign concepts. Students choose biological
organisms to base the design and list the environmental conditions. Introduction
to the production of the modeling algorithms.
● Session 2: Introduction of simple solar radiation and water precipitation
simulations to inform the design being worked on.
● Session 3: Adaptation of the produced geometries for a particular fabrication
method using parametric modeling, simulations of the fabrication method are run
to visualize fabrication process. Discussion on the results achieved by the


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