DigitalFUTURES Online Workshops 2024 | AI multi-agent systems: Creating a Voxel City

AI multi-agent systems: Creating a Voxel City

Instructors: Stepan Kukharskiy, Alik Sumin, Alina Chereyskaya

July 25 – 26 – 27 – 28

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The term “multi-agent AI systems” refers to a network of interactive, intelligent agents collaborating to achieve common goals. Unlike a solitary AI, multi-agent AI distributes intelligence among decentralized entities that work together to solve problems. These systems can be useful in a range of fields such as logistics, power grids, manufacturing, disaster response, and more. This workshop seeks to delve into the potential applications of multi-agent AI systems in architectural design processes. Our aim is to guide students in the creation of a web application capable of generating a 3D model of a voxel city based on user prompts. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the concept of multi-agent AI systems by creating their own systems using open-source large language models from the Transformers.js library. They will learn how to use tools such as ComfyUI and Midjourney to produce reference images for the city and textures for 3D assets. We will also cover the basics of Blender to create a library of assets and optimize them for browser use. Furthermore, the workshop will introduce students to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and libraries like Three.js and Transformers.js to create a web application that can generate a 3D structure. No prior coding skills are required to participate in this workshop. However, certain hardware requirements must be met for using ComfyUI.
Participants will be provided with code examples and step-by-step instructions as they work on their projects on the Kodiia platform (


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