DigitalFUTURES: Hierarchy in Geometric Orders and Agent Behaviors

Workshop Leader: Satoru Sugihara / ATLV

This workshop attempts to grasp an understanding of hierarchical nature of geometric orders in architecture in different styles such as classical, art deco and discrete, and also in nature through computational design exercises with agents who have hierarchical temporal behaviors.

The first part of the workshop is tutorials of computational design coding in Processing with iGeo library following an introductory computational design lecture by the instructor. The tutorial starts with Processing and iGeo basics for coding beginners and get to the advanced agent-based algorithms at the end of tutorials. In the second part, after having a quick analytical research of existing geometric orders by individual participants, each participant works on his / her own design project for two days having feedback from the instructor in an individual one-on-one desk-crit session. Participants are expected to generate abstract but complex hierarchical geometries and animations of agent simulations reflecting his/her research through coding of agent-based algorithms and they will present their design projects in the final review session in the last day of the workshop.


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