Digital Tsunami: VR and Theory – Richard Barbrook, Neil Dalton, Bill Hillier

Lecture date: 1999-02-10

The first in a series of three lectures organised by Ruth Conroy and Neil ‘Sheep’ Dalton.

Bill Hillier’s talk – ‘Capturing Emergence’ – discusses emergent structures in relation to society and computation.

Richard Barbrook explores the social and political ramifications and theoretical problems of describing the internet as ‘cyberspace’. Sheep Dalton examines the graph theory from Euler to the internet.

Bill Hillier is Professor of Architectural and Urban Morphology at the University of London, Chairman of the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, and Director of the Space Syntax Laboratory at UCL. He is also the author of The Social Logic of Space and Space is the Machine.

Richard Barbrook is a writer and the coordinator of the pioneering Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster.

According to the AA database, Neil Dalton is sometimes known as Sheep T. Iconoclast and is sometimes known to teach computing and digital design at the AA.

NB: Sound interference 25 minutes into lecture. First speaker is difficult to hear when he strays from the microphone. A long wait for slides to appear 70 minutes into lecture.


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