Digital Imaging with Magdiel Lopez – 2 of 2

Join artist Magdiel Lopez and host Paul Trani for a two-day digital imaging adventure on Adobe Live! See how Magdiel brings his signature poster designs to life in Adobe Photoshop. We will take a look into Magdiel’s color, text and design techniques as he shares pro tips for combining multiple images into a surreal design.

Guest Magdiel Lopez is an artist and creative director born in Cuba, living in Dallas, Texas:

Host Paul Trani is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
3:00 Review of Previous Stream
5:50 Searching for Reference Photos
15:05 Tips on Picking Colors
18:00 Using the Pen Tool to Cut out Portraits
27:00 Paul Makes a Vector Mask
36:50 Paul Shows off Adobe Color Features
44:25 Adding in Plant Illustration
1:02:30 Discussing Composition
1:11:00 Editing with Curves
1:17:00 Paul Shows Magdiel How to Use LUTs
1:22:30 Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:30:35 How Magdiel Saves Artwork for Instagram
36:30 Starting a New Poster



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