Designing the Brand Identity for Wedding Photographer with Sarah Rose Neri – 1 of 2

Follow along with designer Sarah Rose Neri on Adobe Live as she creates the brand identity for a high-end luxury wedding photographer. In this two-part series, she’ll share her full design process including going over the brand strategy, designing the logo, creating patterns, and mocking up her work in Photoshop. Tune in to the live stream to get your questions answered and to help Sarah bring her designs to life!

Guest Sarah Rose Neri is the creative force behind Sarah Rose Inc, a Raleigh, North Carolina based design studio specializing in high-end branding:

Host Jack Watson is a Senior Designer at Blackbird based in Cleveland, OH:


Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:15 Intro of Sarah
02:45 Sarah’s professional and educational background
03:20 Project overview
13:10 Project font exploration
15:00 Sarah’s thought process for presenting concepts to clients
23:00 Using the puppet warp tool
23:45 Sarah’s favorite Ai tools
36:50 Sarah’s thought process behind altering fonts
40:40 Where does Sarah find inspiration?
44:50 Accessing fonts within Illustrator
46:00 Wordmark design tips for working with long business names
52:00 How does Sarah use artboards?
55:40 More on Sarah’s education history
01:12:50 The value of working on passion projects
01:20:20 Great skills to have as a branding and identity designer
01:29:20 Sarah’s dream clients/projects
01:33:30 Echoing design elements throughout the brand
01:51:30 How to showcase assets to a client
01:53:00 Recap of Day 1


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