Designing Small Business Marketing Assets with Brijhette Farmer – 2 of 2

Join Brijhette Farmer and host Alexis Bustos as they create small business marketing assets in Adobe XD! Watch Brijhette bring a free Adobe Stock template from Photoshop into Adobe XD as she designs a GIF for a local business. Stick around as Brijhette combines Adobe XD and Google Sheets to create a year-long social media ad campaign, swapping out content with ease using XD’s plugins.

Guest Brijhette Farmer is a Sr Growth Designer, Lead, on the Adobe Creative Cloud team based in San Francisco, CA:

Host Alexis Bustos is an Interaction Designer & Researcher living and working in San Francisco, CA:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
3:50 Work Starts – Google Sheets Plugin
9:20 Overview of Google Sheets Plugin
13:10 Best Time to Use Google Sheets Plugin
18:15 Connecting a Google Sheet via a Link
23:10 Brijhette’s Opinion on Lorem Ipsum
25:45 Browsing Adobe Stock for Designs
31:00 Creating Social Media Post Assets
35:30 Using Plugin “Rename It”
38:20 Filling Out the Google Spreadsheet
47:40 Copying Link to Google Sheet into Xd
51:20 Starting Social Media Design
53:30 Brijhette’s Background
1:02:50 Linking Google Sheet to Asset in Xd
1:24:10 How to Use an Image on your PC with Google Plugin
1:30:10 Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:42:45 Brijhette’s Summer Plans
1:46:50 How to Start a Design Business


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