Designing in Adobe Fresco & Photoshop on the iPad with VooDooVal & Paul Trani – 1 of 2

Join VooDoo Val and Evangelist Paul Trani as they explore Adobe Fresco and Photoshop on iPad! VooDoo Val will sketch dynamic characters from scratch in Adobe Fresco. Then, watch as she brings her sketches into Photoshop on iPad to design and create stickers, promo images and more. Stay tuned to learn how Paul and Val create amazing designs using only their iPads!

Guest VooDoo Val is a Creative Streamer & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based in Sacramento:

Host Paul Trani is a Principal Evangelist at Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 start
05:35 Sketching begins
31:40 Refining the sketch
42:00 Drawing eyes
49:55 How to view gestures
01:13:48 Rendering


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