Designing, Icons, & Getting Set Up: Adobe XD Masterclass | Episode 81

Want to master Adobe XD? Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky for an informational masterclass as he walks you through tips & tricks to get you designing!

00:00 Start
02:05 Designing a UI for a digital wallet
07:40 Searching Adobe Stock
10:56 Creating a (back) button – adding icons
14:55 Selecting a typeface using Adobe Fonts
23:10 Designing the email field
27:32 Adding a Password field – including dash groups
32:01 Working with vertical stacks
35:29 Sign in button
39:03 Toggle states
43:27 Dividing the space with a “sign in with” header
47:06 Adding social logos for sign in
50:45 Two factor authentication screen


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