Designing Custom Cards with Alanna Flowers – 2 of 2

Join graphic designer and lettering artist Alanna Flowers as she hand letters bold and playful greeting cards in Adobe Fresco! Follow along as she shares how to create a Valentine’s Day card that can be printed or sent digitally. Stick around for part 2 – as she creates and animates a digital birthday card that can be sent to friends and family.

Guest Alanna Flowers is a graphic designer & lettering artist behind AGF Design Studio based in Brooklyn, NY: |

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia.

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:07 Recap of Day 1 – Day 2 overview
06:12 Starting the lettering/motion project
09:15 Ruler Tool & guides
16:09 Duplicating base letters
19:25 Using Adobe Capture to make brushes
23:26 Alanna’s Youtube tutorials
27:04 Comic’s Letterer Brush
31:03 Alanna’s experience with traditional tools
40:21 How Alanna approaches motion in Fresco
41:31 Using drawing aids to create candles
45:26 Clipping masks
52:06 Merging down layers – animation prep
53:30 Adjusting Color Margin for filling shapes
57:43 Motion Menu
1:00:11 Adding frames to create a flame motion
1:06:30 Reordering frames – looping flames
1:09:42 Creating balloon elements
1:17:28 Using Onion Skins to keep track of frames
1:18:45 Reviewing the animation
1:20:16 How Alanna finds her color palette
1:24:05 Creating a birthday banner
1:28:01 Discussing various motion techniques
1:30:01 Artist spotlight of Stacey Scribbling
1:41:10 Animating a “write-on” effect
1:46:53 Walking through Alanna’s process
1:50:58 Setting frames speed per layer
1:52:40 Animating using the transform tools
1:53:42 Recap of both days & wrap-up


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