Designing Custom Cards with Alanna Flowers – 1 of 2

Join graphic designer and lettering artist Alanna Flowers as she hand letters bold and playful greeting cards in Adobe Fresco! Follow along as she shares how to create a Valentine’s Day card that can be printed or sent digitally. Stick around for part 2 – as she creates and animates a digital birthday card that can be sent to friends and family.

Guest Alanna Flowers is a graphic designer & lettering artist behind AGF Design Studio based in Brooklyn, NY: |

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia.

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:40 Alanna discusses her work
06:09 Thumbnail sketches for Valentine’s Day card
10:01 Combining multiple font types – experimenting
10:45 Alanna’s sketching process
17:07 Creating multiple sketches – angled lettering
22:52 Alanna’s creative journey
26:43 Choosing a design
29:03 Starting the full size card design
32:38 Using the Fresco drawing aids – rulers and more
36:20 Adding guides for letter angles
40:22 Straight lines in Fresco
47:36 Learning cursive in school
48:20 Selecting and copying letter forms
51:00 Line smoothing in Fresco
54:40 Alanna’s freelance journey
59:30 Redesigning flourishes
1:02:57 Evaluating the refined sketch – adjusting spacing
1:09:55 Tips for hand lettering freelancing
1:17:41 Lettering brushes in Fresco
1:18:35 Diversifying inspiration for creativity
1:25:39 Refining the lettering – Fresco for the iPad
1:31:14 Drawing the flourishes w/smoothing
1:40:01 Virtual coworkers
1:44:22 Rethinking earlier edits – making corrections
1:47:20 Alanna’s favorite letter to hand letter
1:49:50 Preview of Day 2 and wrap up


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