Designing an iOS Gaming App with Brandon Groce – 1 of 2

Who doesn’t love games? Watch and learn from designer Brandon Groce as he breaks down how to make an absolutely stunning mobile app where all gamers alike can purchase and play their most loved games. Let’s get started!

Brandon Groce is a UI/UX designer, digital strategist and educator based in Potomac, Maryland:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:05 Intro
04:01 Work begins
06:44 Adding icons
23:20 Adding a footer
30:01 Prototyping with multiple flows
31:14 How to gather inspiration
37:20 Creating custom assets
43:35 Working on the feed
51:02 How to create a progress bar
01:00:58 How to add user photos
01:09:02 Menu bar breakdown


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