Designing a Web Experience with Barbiana Liu – 1 of 2

There is no better feeling than connecting with other creatives. Tune in with Brand and Web Designer Barbiana Liu on Adobe Live as she designs and prototypes a web experience for the 1-800 Design community, a community of creatives! In this two-part series, she’ll share her full creative process – from creating custom graphics in Adobe Illustrator to adding Lottie animations in Adobe Xd.

Guest Barbiana Liu is the Founder and Lead Designer behind Leche Studio based in New York, NY:

Host Jack Watson is a Senior Designer at Blackbird based in Cleveland, OH:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
00:45 Introduction
01:54 Barbiana’s introduction
08:25 Plan for the design
08:50 Website roadmap
13:40 Designing the menu
21:00 Finding developers
21:58 Creating the banner
23:30 Prototyping a horizontal scroll
25:03 What is wireframing?
27:25 Learning resources
32:38 Asset organization
46:38 How has your process evolved?
1:02:15 Feature highlights design
1:03:12 Designer vs Developer
1:07:30 Repeat Grid
1:11:38 Scroll groups
1:13:30 Websites to keep up design trends
1:19:10 Dealing with creative block
1:23:15 Hover states
1:38:30 How to get clients without experience
1:47:05 How do you handle pricing?


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