Designing a Small Studio – Site Excavation (Part 8)

(for a review of the time lapse camera used see: )

This is a time lapse video taken over the course of two days showing the site preparation for the new studio for 30X40 Design Workshop.

Day 1: Small sites require careful coordination of buried utility (power/water) runs and equipment access. A thoughtful plan is required to sequence construction activities. Some locations may become inaccessible after certain parts of the work are completed.

We moved the large boulders and removed the organic material from beneath the foundation. We ended day 1 by leveling out the pad.

Day 2: Installed the drainage tile at the perimeter (it will be covered in filter fabric before backfill) and built up the compacted layers of crushed stone which will support the interior finished concrete slab.

The thickened edge of the concrete pad transfers the loads of the building to the earth and we’ll install insulation and a vapor barrier before pouring the concrete slab.

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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