Designing a Small Studio – Part 4, Revisiting and Integrating the Concept

In this video I overlay the plan diagrams on the site plan which reveals a clear favorite. I go on to describe 6 tactics I use to turn a simple diagram into a meaningful floor plan.
They are:
1) Study a building precedent (in this case a barn)
2) Develop an ordering system (grid, column layout, geometry, functional)
3) Create zones: entry, circulation, storage, living. Divide public and private spaces.
4) Analyze adjacencies – group common functions and support spaces. Make sure their location makes sense for the plan location.
5) Refer back to the concept. In this case the lens for the seasons concept reinforced the barn plan typology.
6) Create layers of meaning. Begin by thinking about the way we experience space or places and look for opportunities for the building to enhance daily life.

The next video explores the use of small physical study models for solar, material, and proportioning studies.

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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