Designing a Responsive Landing Page with Elizé Todd – 1 of 2

Many design teams have adopted a mobile-first approach to responsive design, tune in as Elizé shows you how to simultaneously design screens for desktop and mobile. This week, the theme is Halloween!

Elizé Todd is a UX Design Strategist, Educator, and YouTuber based in Los Angeles, CA: |
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:30 Intro
03:28 What is responsive design?
11:04 Design begins
16:53 How to add color
23:20 Light photo editing in Xd
26:06 How to add character styles
37:25 Adding images
44:38 Repeat grid
47:10 Master components and instances
01:13:10 Adding the footer
01:22:11 Adding icons


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