Designing a Mural with DeltaTangoMike – 1 of 2

Tune in with multidisciplinary artist DeltaTangoMike on Adobe Live as he illustrates a mural inspired by Aztek Gods and Goddesses. He’ll begin sketching his mural in Fresco, before exporting it to Adobe Illustrator to add color and finalize the piece. Tune in to get your questions answered and start your next mural!

Guest Daniel Flores (DTM, DaCreativeGenius) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, GA:

Host Sam Peterson is a concept artist and Adobe Live moderator based in Los Angeles:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:32 Intro into DTMs work
03:34 Dan describes the project
06:37 Dan’s process – getting started
11:30 Describing the sketch process – using references
15:25 Looking for specific references to fit the work
21:25 Dan and Sam discuss using references
26:47 Creating the full mural document – balancing composition
29:46 Pricing and value your work
35:04 Finding an art “business’ mentor
42:26 Balance and order in the composition
44:56 Theme of the death goddess in the mural
48:21 Walking through the mural process
55:07 Sketching the image before moving to Illustrator
1:00:39 Getting used to a digital medium
1:09:05 How Dan gets smooth line – create clean lines, lineweight
1:14:27 Staying healthy while working
1:17:55 Rotating the canvas or artwork for consistent linework
1:20:12 Straight lines in Fresco – removing extra lines
1:28:16 Finding a mentor
1:32:23 Honest critiques to help build skill
1:36:47 Future proofing your tech
1:39:49 Dan’s multilayer process for building up value
1:48:56 Keeping color choices simple with blending options
1:51:52 Color layers and blend modes
1:54:51 Wrap-up – what’s next for the mural


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