Designing a Mobile Ordering App with Alex on Design – 2 of 2

Tune in with Alex on Design as he builds a coffee ordering app in Adobe XD! From task flow to wireframes, to design and prototyping – he’ll take you through his full creative process to create a customized coffee ordering experience.

Aleksandar Cucukovic is a teacher, Adobe XD ambassador and the Founder of Web Donut:

Host Jack Watson is a Senior Designer at Blackbird based in Cleveland, OH:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:27 About Aleksandar and his work
05:15 Coffee Love mobile app
08:40 App screen walkthrough
10:16 Adding gradients – document assets panel
16:10 Mood board images
21:10 Adding product shots and mockups to the design
27:00 Mark for export, export, or share an asset from XD
36:00 Icons4Design and other plugins Aleksandar uses
40:00 Dissecting a coffee cup illustration for use in the app
44:00 A quick preview of the prototype
47:00 Prototyping interactions
01:00:00 Advice for working with animations
01:02:45 Advice for handling low quality assets from clients
01:10:00 Prototype problem solving: optimizing food order interactions
01:19:00 Sharing prototypes with clients, getting feedback & Prepping for Behance
01:27:20 Switching between states
01:30:00 Artist Spotlight: Mark Gerkules
01:44:00 Projects Jack & Alex would love to do but havent found time for yet
01:48:15 Creating a tap point
01:50:00 Advice for new designers
01:53:40 A recap of the weeks work


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