Designing a Mobile Experience with Marc Anderson – 2 of 3

Join Founder of Rainfall & Design Director Marc Anderson on Adobe Live as he creates a mobile experience for an organic meal delivery program using Adobe XD. This week Marc will share business advice and protips for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Marc is the Founder & Design Director for Rainfall living and working in Seattle. Marc founded the design studio Rainfall with the simple idea that most clients would benefit from thoughtful, passionate creative partnerships with people who care about the success of their business.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:
Check out part 3:

Recap intro of Marc and his work: 3:55
Recap of design from previous stream: 7:20
Work begins: 16:25
Tip on leading in titles: 37:50
Finding clients as a new design business: 48:00
Using and repeating components 1:04:00



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