Designing a Mobile App with Ruben Cespedes – 2 of 2

Tune in with Senior Product Designer and Adobe XD Ambassador Ruben Cespedes on Adobe Live as he designs and prototypes an anime discovery app! From inspiration to wireframing, to screen design and animation – don’t miss out as he takes you through his full creative process, step by step!

Guest Ruben Cespedes is a Senior Product Designer and Adobe XD Ambassador based in Allentown, Pennsylvania:

Host Elizé Todd is a UX Design Strategist, Educator, and Youtuber based in Los Angeles, CA.

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Ruben
07:30 Recap of work done off stream + Discussing wireframes
14:20 Choosing an app name
23:00 Setting up the apps font set
27:00 Choosing app colors
31:30 What is
40:00 Designing content portraits
48:10 Checking color accessibility
53:00 How to spice up a boring design
59:50 Designing the homepage and other screens begins
01:02:00 Shortcuts for “Send to back” and “Bring forward”
01:03:30 Adding images with repeat grid
01:08:20 Adding videos into the design
01:18:10 How Ruben condenses videos down
01:24:10 Prototyping begins
01:30:00 Artist spotlight
01:34:50 How to fill your portfolio
01:38:00 Prototyping continues
01:54:00 Recap of the week’s work


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