Designing a Mobile App for a Bicycle Shop with Chimmy Kalu – 2 of 2

Chimmy’ s been on the hunt for a new bike, tune in as she designs and prototypes a mobile app to help her find the bike of her dreams! From component states to animation and voice, watch as she uses some of Adobe XD’s newest prototyping features to take her app to the next level!

Guest Chimmy Kalu is a Product Designer based in London:

Host Andrea Eppy is an Independent UI/UX Designer and former Adobe Creative Resident:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
4:20 Previous Stream Recap
6:40 How to Find a Cohesive Shade of Black
10:00 How to Create a Hover State
17:05 Using Scroll Groups with Repeat Grid
21:30 How to Appeal to a Certain Demographic
26:25 Chimmy’s Opinion on Animations on Splash Screen
31:30 Creating an Overlay Artboard
36:35 How to Fill in Text Quickly
51:30 Voice Prototyping Shopping Cart
56:05 Where Chimmy Finds Her Sound Effects
1:02:10 Creating a Back to Top Button
1:13:15 Working with Responsive Resize
1:23:15 How Long it Takes Chimmy to Complete an App
1:31:20 Xd Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:51:40 Stream Recap


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