Designing a Landing Page with Alyssa Nguyen – 1 of 2

Tune in with Creative Director Alyssa Nguyen on Adobe Live as she designs a landing page for her design podcast using Adobe XD! From general strategy to wireframes, to bringing the landing page to life – tune in as she takes you through her entire creative process. Don’t miss out on part 2 as she shares how to create a mobile-friendly version in her signature style!

Guest Alyssa Nguyen is the Founder and Creative Director of Alyssa Nguyen Design based in Princeton, New Jersey:

Host Elsa Amri is a Visual Designer based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Alyssa
04:00 Work begins/project overview
08:00 Does Alyssa make all her shapes in XD?
09:00 Is there a sketch phase of Alyssa’s process?
17:00 Working within the boundaries of “your style”
22:20 Great places to get fonts and other assets
25:20 The value of previewing your design
27:00 Go-to formulas for individual page layouts
35:50 Testing your own work
37:00 Alyssa’s favorite colors and how she chooses pallets
45:00 Which site building services does Alyssa use?
54:20 Does Alyssa use gradients?
56:00 Adding markers to a gradient
59:00 Re Editing shapes you have created
01:01:10 Do you need to learn code to be an app designer?
01:11:20 What is Alyssa’s podcast about?
01:16:20 Thought process behind devising a navigation
01:20:00 Does Alyssa always start designing from scratch or use UI Kits?
01:21:00 Does Alyssa prototype her designs?
01:27:50 Continuous pages VS landing pages
01:48:20 How does Alyssa make stickers?
01:49:40 Recap of the day’s work and what we’re working on tomorrow


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