Design an Effective Landing Page with Keshia White

Learn how to design a quick yet professional landing page in Adobe XD with Brand and Web Designer Keshia White. Today you’ll learn how to build your very own custom destination page from scratch that encourages your visitors to take an action!

Guest Keshia White is a Brand and Web Designer based in Atlanta, GA:

Host Elizé Todd is a UX Design Strategist, Educator, and Youtuber based in Los Angeles, CA.

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:30 Intro of Keshia
09:20 Project overview
15:00 communicating with clients about fonts and brand strategy
21:55 Tips for designing from scratch or redesigning an existing brand
29:00 Developing a site from concept to application
33:00 Using social media for your business
38:00 Getting project assets and information from current clients & possible clients
39:20 Tips for charging for your services
43:30 Tips for organizing project payments
52:45 Optimizing your social media content
54:00 Designing assets in photoshop
58:20 Working on development as a freelancer
01:00:00 Important transactional information to include on a landing page
01:05:50 Accepting payments
01:08:00 Keshia’s biggest learning points in her process
01:10:10 Designing for different screen sizes
01:16:00 Does Keshia cold call clients?
01:21:00 Hard lessons Keshia had to learn
01:23:00 Enriching and adding value to your business
01:30:00 Prioritizing offered services
01:37:50 Recapping the landing page work so far
01:43:50 A dive into one of Keshia’s real client projects
01:47:00 Using stock images VS client assets / client photo guides
01:49:10 listing “additional services” that are sides to your main packages
01:51:20 How to deliver assets to clients
01:52:15 Reviewing the client photo guide


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