Design a Mobile Cooking App with Brittney Urich and Alexis Bustos – 2 of 2

Join UX designer Brittney Urich and host Alexis Bustos on Adobe Live! This week, watch Brittney create the designs system for a cooking app catered towards at-home recipes during quarantine. See how Brittney creates and prototypes an experience where users can filter or add recipes, submit photos and ask questions.

Guest Brittney Urich is an Experience Designer & Content Strategist based in Denver, CO:

Host Alexis Bustos is an Interaction Designer & Researcher living and working in San Francisco, CA:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:00 Recap
13:00 Using the STARK plugin
21:00 Content suggestions for non-English speakers
35:00 Button design and placement
01:17:00 Prototyping begins
01:46:00 Choosing app icons


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