Day 2: What is a School? (of Architecture, Landscape, Art, and Urbanism)

0:00 Welcome by Dean Richard Sommer

Lobby (School as Political Platform)
6:15 Introduction by Jane Wolff
7:45 Ginger Nolan presentation
27:37 David Fortin presentation
43:32 Lisa Steele presentation
59:41 Moderated discussion

Test Kitchen (School as Incubator)
1:49:12 Introduction by Wei-Han Vivian Lee
1:51:43 Alla Vronskaya presentation
2:05:25 Axel Kilian presentation
2:20:50 Thaisa Way presentation
2:38:40 Moderated discussion

Dining Room (School as Curatorial Space)
3:19:18 Introduction by Dean Richard Sommer
3:20:13 Introduction by Barbara Fischer
3:23:49 Ijlal Muzaffar presentation
3:42:39 Mark Wasiuta presentation
4:02:41 Giovanna Borasi presentation
4:12:57 Moderated discussion

Designs on the University
5:06:38 Introduction by Dean Richard Sommer
5:08:29 Mark Jarzombek presentation
5:28:23 Joan Ockman presentation
5:49:19 Moderated discussion

6:35:36 Dissenting Choir: Roundtable moderated by Zeynep Celik Alexander and Jeannie Kim. Featuring:
—Nancy Levinson
—Mirko Zardini
—Lola Sheppard
—John Bass
—Tye Farrow
—Liat Margolis
—Charles Stankievech
—Jeannie Kim
—Zeynep Çelik Alexander
—Mary Lou Lobsinger
—John Harwood
—Mauricio Quirós Pacheco
—Ultan Byrne

The “What is a School? (of Architecture, Landscape, Art, and Urbanism” symposium took place on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, 2018 in the Principal Hall at the Daniels Building, the new home of the Daniels Faculty. The keynote on Friday evening featured presentations by Nader Tehrani, Shohei Shigematsu and Michael Maltzan followed by a moderated discussion with Sara Diamond and Dean Richard Sommer. Watch the video of the Day 1 keynote here:

The event continued all day on Saturday with presentations from educators, theorists, historians, and practitioners to address questions surrounding the design of learning spaces, including:

—What kind of a pedagogical instrument is a school of architecture/design and what role do its physical spaces and architecture play in its pedagogies and research?
—What is the contemporary role and relevance of a general education in design?
—What might be the agency and reach of the architecture/design school, beyond the school or university?
—How can an architecture/design school be both a place where ideas are cultivated over time, and where they are subject to continuous experimentation?
—How do schools of architecture/design navigate the changing political and intellectual landscape of the research university?

Speaker bios and more event info:

For more information about the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto, visit us at


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