Critiquing Your Design –

Watch Master Designers Chris and Jose (C&J) review viewer websites and discuss the elements of great design. Learn how to make the right choices and communicate the right information clearly.

Learn the latest trends in web design and how to take advantage of them to create beautifuly effective websites.

Learn what businesses are looking for in a personal website and how to tailor your design to meet client and customer needs.


00:37 akin.sidmad Critique
01:00 Design your portfolio site based on the main style you specialize in.
02:32 Flat design is a graphic interpretation of something with one level of shading, and minimalist in color usage and rendering.
04:54 StudioFluid Critique
05:52 Companies with a purpose are intriguing.
06:56 Put your best work up front.
07:44 Place your role in each project as the centerpiece.
09:53 How are you positioning your site? Be specific with your examples.
11:12 The Golden Circle – Simon Sinek
12:57 Include your process in how you did the work. (Video is preferred)
15:14 People value your story more than the work itself.

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Start With Why – Simon Sinek

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