Creating Smooth Transition Videos for TikTok with Jillian Nicole Smith – 2 of 2

Learn how to take your TikTok transitions to the next level with Jillian Nicole Smith! In this two-part series, she’ll share how she uses masking and motion graphics templates in Premiere Pro to create her signature transitions in her videos.

Guest Jillian Nicole Smith is an actress based in Los Angeles:

Host James Bonanno is a creative director and content creator:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:30 Intro of Jillian and a look at her most famous work
08:25 Recap of work from Day 1
10:50 Does Jillian start with music or add it afterward?
12:30 Plans for using MOGRTs
16:00 Exploring the Essential Sound panel
23:10 Adding a marker to your track
26:25 Differences between pulling music from Premiere VS TikTok
31:00 Scaling video size within the project
38:30 Working with Keyframes
43:20 Detailing the “Spider Man Web Pull” effect
51:40 Advice for optimizing Watch Time
55:20 Using the Luma Key feature
58:00 Repositioning the spider web
01:02:00 Where to find video resources
01:13:50 Working with MOGRTs
01:16:50 jillian’s favorite TikTok creator and TikTok video
01:19:00 Exploring editable MOGRT effects
01:26:40 tracking a symbol onto clothing
01:31:00 Masking a video onto the surface of a phone
01:34:15 Rounding the edges of a mask with Mask Expansions
01:38:00 Masking protips from James Bonanno
01:43:40 The value of tracking backwards
01:51:20 Recap playthrough of the full video project


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