Creating Smooth Transition Videos for TikTok with Jillian Nicole Smith – 1 of 2

Learn how to take your TikTok transitions to the next level with Jillian Nicole Smith! In this two-part series, she’ll share how she uses masking and motion graphics templates in Premiere Pro to create her signature transitions in her videos.

Guest Jillian Nicole Smith is an actress based in Los Angeles:

Host James Bonanno is a creative director and content creator:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:20 Introduction of Jillian
06:15 Previews and examples of Jillian’s work
11:25 How many takes does it usually take to create one of Jillian’s videos?
15:50 The “Text Caption” illusion
18:00 What kind of light does Jillian use?
19:10 Previewing video clips that will be used in our Day 1 project
21:15 Jillian’s video wardrobe
25:15 Tips for beginner video creators
36:00 Work begins
44:15 Creating a “Spiderman Web Pull” effect
47:30 “Watch Time” advice for creators new to TikTok
51:50 Advice for editing smoother transitions
58:00 Snapping timeline elements
01:03:30 Which device and frame rate does Jillian use?
01:07:00 Creating a “Flying Hoodie” transition
01:12:45 Creating a “Punching” transition
01:20:10 Masking in Premiere Pro
01:30:00 Creating a “Head Spin” transition
01:43:00 Reviewing the project progress so far
01:45:15 Audio plans for tomorrow + Unlink audio
01:46:30 What inspires Jillian’s creativity?


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